Saturday, March 13

Kamloops - the 'movie'

Pictures from the World Masters Indoor Championships at Kamloops, March 2010...
well, they're mostly of me, so don't look for an accurate report of proceedings!

I'll update some of the pictures when I get the "real" ones.
Soundtrack is my gold medal "power song" One Dream, by Sarah McLachlan, which is the song she wrote for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.
See her inspirational video of it here:

This is probably also the place to thank you all for the massive confidence you had in me, the send-off AND the support you gave me through the championship week. It really made a difference.

Also a big thank you to coach Bobby McGee (pictured with me, above), who designed the master plan focused on getting me to the start line uninjured (for a change), gave me a cross-country specific workout that could not have been better AND told me exactly how to play it.

Thanks to photographers Linda Harrison (GB field event athlete and gold medal 4x200m runner), Doug Smith (Canadian masters athlete and pro photographer) and official photographers Photo Reflect. .

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John Wright said...

Awesome video, great song. Congrats on being world champion! Subscribing to this blog, now update damnit!