Monday, October 9

Aching for a rest

I don't usually have a problem with resting. Being naturally lazy helps. But I can't say I'm enjoying this downtime.

First there's the tiredness. The less I do, the more tired I feel. So instead of doing absolutely nothing, I have been doing a token amount of walking, 5 minute bursts on the ski machine, stretching, a bit of weights...oh yeah and OK, I did do a VERY easy five-mile run and half an hour on the ellipitcal. But that was just to check that my bits were still working.

But apart from that.... nothing. So why am I waking up aching every morning?

This isn't the full-blown, groan-inducing, everything-aches sensation that is kind of "normal" during training and racing.. But why should there be anything at all? I mean, I'm geting a bit of plantar fasciitis pain, a bit of Achilles pain, a bit of tightness still in the groin, and my abs and psoas still feel tight. Why?

Yes, I am "better than 50"(to use the cute phraseology of my bank), but I have never bought into the idea that the "normal" consequence of aging is that your body starts to fall apart.

I have a feeling that there's stuff in my diet that is provoking a low-rumbling allergy-inflammatory response. It is so weird to be feeling aches and stiffness without having done the training. So, this is agreat opportunity to fine tunemy fuel mix.

The other test is to sleep on the floor for a night or two. When I was doing aikido intensely and was the number-one uke for my teacher -- meaning I was the one who got demonstrated on and thrown to the floor a hundred times a night, three times a week -- I discovered that if I slept on a hard surface I didn't ache as much the next morning.

So maybe this just a cue for a new bed. I really fancy one of those Tempur-Pedic matresses. And they're "only" 2,000 bucks!

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