Monday, October 23

Feeling the wind in his face...

... that's our Henry, who is starting to get his speed back.

The great Rono has just run the Duke City 5K at altitude in Albuquerque, NM, finishing 30th overall out of 814 men and women in 20:52 (6:43 pace).

More importantly. he was 2nd in his age group (50-54) and finished strong, saying that at one point he felt like he was running at 5:00 pace.

What cracks me up is his warm-up routine. Yes, just like in the other couple of races he's done this year, he gets up at dawn and goes and runs up a mountain.

Specifically, this time, on his 141st day of training,
he got up at 4am and ran for 96 minutes up and down Copper Hill. He got home, showered, left at 6.15am and was ready to race 5k at 7.10am.

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