Sunday, August 27

Congratulations if you ran today!

It doesn't matter how far or how slowly; well done for getting out and doing it!

This isn't one of those "we're all winners" spiels ("we're all whiners" is probably more accurate anyway), but just a recognition that we regularly manage to overcome inertia and that, once again, we truimphed: we actually got out of the house!

The thing is, this running lark takes so much time. I am writing this at 3.40pm, a point at which I can just about claim that the day's run is over and done with. But I started preparing for it at 7.30pm last night. That's when I started negotiations with my nearest and dearest for an early night instead of going out for dinner.

At 6am I was up and brewing the first of 3 cups of tea and preparing breakfast. OK. two bananas and some raisins doens't need much preparation. But I did have to prepare my drinks -- one for the run, one for after the run. Get the various bits of kit together, get in the car, get myself up the road to meet Dwight and Kari five miles up Magnolia at around 8,000 feet for a 7.30am start.

Two and something hours later, it's time to start the recovery process. Feet up while drinking the recovery drink (sometimes the most difficult part of the day). Then off the mountain for breakfast and lots of it. Ater breakfast, more tea, plus ice cream, then a nap. Massage legs. Ultrasound hurty bits. Apply DMSO. Cat decides it's time to sit on my chest and have a 20-minute wash while I laser other hurty bits. Pinned on the sofa by the cat, more tea, before reluctantly getting myself together for the ice bath. Hungry again. More food. OK... ready to go. "What shall we do today, sweetie?" Hmm. 3.50. There went Sunday.

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