Thursday, August 3

What IS the mile record for old gits, anyway?

Current 50-54 record is 4:27.9 set by Nolan Shaheed in 2000.

Henry Rono turns 55 in February 2007, so after that will be able to go for the 55-59 record, which is 4:40.4 (set by Australia's Jack Ryan in 1977).

The fly in the ointment is the great Nolan, who is now 55!
In March this year he set a new INDOOR world mile 55-59 record in 4:42.89. I think outdoor times are usually + 2 or +3 seconds, but we will have to see what he does.

I am watching this all very closely as I was born the same year as Henry (but 10 months later)
and, as is clear from these pages, I suffer from severe delusions of talent... whatever Henry sets will be the time I aim for in late 2007 :)

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