Saturday, September 9

Outbreaks of good sportsmanship

Colorado is the first place where I've lined up for a race -- a championship race at that -- and had someone next to me in the front row shake my hand and wish me a good race.
So maybe I shouldn't have been surprised at another outbreak of good sportsmanship at the Blockbuster 5k last week.
With about half a mile to go I'd just caught the guy in second place and we'd both been joined by another runner. In the confusion of trading pl;aces I led everyone slightly off course. In the process of getting bac k on course, the runner who had been third ended up 25 yards in front of me. To my astonishment he slowed down and waited for me. "Go on", I said, "you were catching me anyway". "No, no", he said "you were in front".
What then followed was a bizarre routine of "no, I insist, after you..." all conducted at speed, with one eye on the fast-approaching finishing line. We agreed to run in together... but at the line he pushed me in front.
He disappeared after the finish, but at least I can recognise him "officially" here: so thank you Paul Reich of Telluride - you are a gentleman!

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