Wednesday, September 20

So, who's got the best style?

In the lead: Australian Craig Mottram -- the "jolly green giant" of middle-distance racing compared to the little, fast-striding Africans he habitually finds himself up against.

Thanks to Super-Coach Bobby McGee for sharing this one. He was sent the picture by an Australian coach -- Down Under they all think Mottram has a superb style. Bobby's comment: never mind Mottram, the guy behind him is a MUCH better model!

Check out the Australian's upper body. He looks as if he is so knackered that as he ties up he has gone past upright to the point where he is almost leaning backwards. And as I have certain "issues" with my arms, Bobby wanted particularly for me to clock what Mottram is doing with his. Let's just say they are not where they should be.

Compare and contrast with the great Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopa, world record-holder at 5,000 and 10,000m. Balanced, compact, forward-leaning, great flexibility.

Mottram has not beaten Bekele in three years...except ironically in this race where, running as team captain, he pushed himself to a PR of 7:32.19 to became the first Oceania athlete to defend a World Cup title.

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