Monday, September 25

Toledos: keep in touch

A special message for my former team-mates in Toledo Runners:

dudes, I have been "struck off" the email list so will miss your race reports, tales of injuries :) and invitations to have ice cream...

never fear, when I have something staggering to tell you I'll email you all privately -- feel free to do the same!

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Ahmee said...

Do stay in touch, even if you have a few days without earthshaking news. Thanks for mentioning McMillan. I've been to his great website before, but had forgotten about it. I hope you get the help you need to make your assault on the mile. McM's website helped me "fine-tune" my 10-week count-down to the Tucson Marathon. I am certainly not hoping for any kind of record (well, maybe a PR), but am hoping to avoid having my quads bonk on Tucson's unrelentingly-down downhill course. There is tons written about Marathon training. One of the few things that no one talks much about (except Sir Bobby McGee) is how to train for a downhill marathon. I should be doing my long runs downhill, as well as my tempo runs. As you know, Boulder has plenty of hills, but not many looonnngg ones, at least ones without a 7% grade. Trace and I actually went up to the Moffat Tunnel, above Rollinsville to find a 9 mile downhill run. Next time, we'll probably start around Ward, and run down Sunshine Canyon, unless we can find something less steep, but equally sustained downhill. Next time you see me, my quads will probably look like huge sausages -- I sort of hope so. Up to now, I'm feeling great -- and the only worry is about over-training. Am hoping my trusty heart-rate monitor will save me. Beware, yourself, of over-training. You seem to love to push yourself extremely hard. The recovery bit might be your biggest challenge.